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  PEX (Port Expander)
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PEX (Port Expander)

•3 or 5 ports models available
•Simple menu-driven setup process
•Ultra fast data throughput with all ports active
•Status indicators for each port (transmit and receive)
•Automatically converts unlike baud rates and communication parameters between ports
•Multiple master or slave configuration
•Port expander configurable from IBM PC compatible computer
•Same or different baud rates for each port (up to 19.2 Kbaud)
•Program a PLC without disconnecting any display devices
•Multiplexer ports can be configured in unlike formats, allowing communications between controllers or peripherals having different
baud rates, formats, and RS232/RS422 communication models

PEX5000-MOD Modbus port 5-port multiplexer
PEX5000-KOYO Koyo PLC 5-port multiplexer
PEX5000-AB Allen-Bradley DF1 (PLC-5 & SLC500 PLC) 5-port multiplexer
PEX3000-MOD Modbus 3-port multiplexer
PEX3200 Generic 3-port multiplexer

Protocol Specific Port Expanders:
•Allen-Bradley DF1
•Modicon (Modbus ASCII and RTU)
•Other protocols available