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  FX 2100
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The Best Control Solution for Various Use.
- Windows CE.net 5.0. The O.S specialized in compact mobile device.
- Application software (Visual Studio, C++, VB.net, etc) can be developed by user.
- Reliable network capability.
- Various multimedia features and web browsing capability.
- 700Mhz High-Tech Embedded (SoC) CPU
- RMI Au1250 Processor provides the most powerful application and efficient power management (SoC Solution).
- 7 inch 16:9 TFT Touch screen LCD (800 x 480 Graphic)
- Gentle & Natural display, High-Definition and High-Fidelity.
- Top class sturdy touch screen protects from abrasion and scratches.

Special Features
- Wireless LAN WiFi 802.11b/g 11/54 Mbps provided.
- Wired and wireless Ethernet connection available at the same time.
- Wireless Ethernet connection included as default feature.
- Superior connection (Wired 10/100-T 100 Mbps)
- 4 pcs of Serial Port
- 4 connections RS232c(with 1-port RS422/TTL Level) provides wider connectivity.
- Equipped with GPIO 8-Relay Port (8 Outputs relay – SPST)
- 8 In-put (Digital, switched to GND)
- Easy connection to PLC, can appear as external trigger, sensor, etc.
- Alarm signal upon data results built in.

Various Application Fields
- Best platform for various application softwares such as Visual Studio, C++, VB.net.
- Production control & record management (Perform as PC.)
- Perform as MES/POP terminal to control barcode printing, line Control, data collection (bar code scanner). Also transfer drawings and production information.
- Real-Time Monitoring of equipments utilization, data management for faulty units and production loss.
- Perform universal system control when operating with PLC.
- Supports applications with LabView

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