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Foul Language Filter- safeTV Set top box
Foul Language Filter- safeTV Set top box
  safeTV HD20
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Make TV time family time again
Some things are better left Unheard
Eliminate foul language from your home
Keep our kids from learning bad words

SafeTV is patented technology that automatically detects and mutes cuss words while your family watches TV and movies
Watch TV and movies live or from DVDs. safeTV filters out the bad words
Caption display mode lets you keep up with the movie dialog when the audio is muted
The only available model with closed caption display

Our patented technology has been blocking foul language in American homes for over ten years
Improved algorithm is more effective and efficient
Using dialogue from the top 100 movies each year of this century, we've updated our foul language dictionary to be more inclusive
Removed unnecessary words based on customer feedback

Newest evolution in advanced filtering technology
Durable quality with reliable, direct TV connections
The best language filtering solution with on-screen display
Input selection between 2 sources
Improved muting accuracy
US patent: 6,075,550

< safeTV HD20>
* The only complete solution for digital HD video
* The only model with closed caption display, up to 1080p
* Two inputs, selectable by remote control

Works with,
* HDTV from satellite, cable, U-verse and FiOS
* 1080p Upconversion DVD playback on DVD players and Blu-ray players (not Blu-ray movies)
* Tivo HD with cable or for over-the-air HDTV

* 2 HDMI A/V Input / 1 Output
* 2 Optical Digital Audio Input / 1 Output
* 2 Composite Video Input For Closed Caption Signal
* Auxiliary Connector For Center Channel Muting