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Remote Controller
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5in1 universal remote.
No batteries.
Built-in flashlight.
Built-in generator.
Universal remote for TV, VCR, DVD, Cable Converter, Satellite Receiver.
Flashlight with permanent life time.
Built-in Generator supplies power for both remote and flashlight.
Eliminates the cost of batteries.
Environmentally friendly.
No Batteries needed.
Just turning the handle creates enough power.

Built-in Generator
Generator supplies power for both remote and flashlight
Advanced, ergonomic charging handle design.
¡°Easy-turn¡± handle allows effortless charging.
Saves the expense of batteries.
Quick and efficient power charging.

Permanent Flashlight
Whenever needed especially in an emergency, the flashlight will be readily available.
LED lamp won¡?t burn out-eliminating the need for costly replacement bulbs.
No need to worry about batteries no matter how rarely or how often you use this flashlight.
¡°Glow in the dark¡± buttons make unit easy to find in sudden power outages.

Environmentally friendly.
No toxic waste from batteries.
Protect our environment and natural resources.